Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This Is Fabulous

Sienna Miller, you are so glamorous that I don't know whether I should thank you, hate you, or be completely envious of you. So, I've decided to save my hatred for someone (or something) that actually deserves it (coughlegwarmerscough). And I'm keeping my envy for people who have the ability to Just Say No (to chocolate, that is). My thankfulness is aimed at you Sienna.
Thanks, S (I feel I can call you that now, because I don't hate you and all. Also, because I don't want to type out your full name again) for being nothing short of glamorous everywhere you go. I appreciate your efforts, and even though I don't always agree with your fashion choices, I still like that you always try to look good and not just different. Consider yourself my style icon (until someone better comes along, of course).

So glamorous.
I want to steal the coat and run.

If I saw this dress on a rack, I would never buy it. But looking at her, it looks so good.

I love how this outfit is so simple, yet so detailed with accessories.

Once again, simple but fab.

How adorable and neat is this outfit? *sigh*
Remind me to go shopping soon.

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