Tuesday, 24 November 2009

How To Tigh Roll Jeans

I'm back! And, I come with a lesson that I learned the hard way (not really, just wanted to say that) about how to make your own boyfriend jeans!

If you want to use super skinny jeans (I suggest this for somebody more full, because baggy jeans that are tight at the ankle tend to make your legs look heavier and shorter)

1- Roll them up as much as you'd like! It's an All-You-Can-Roll-Rollet!

If you want to use regular or baggy jeans (this should be attempted by slim (or slim-ish) women)

1- Pinch the hem of your jean tight around your ankle (but not too tight if you want them to be cropped)

2- With your other hand, take the extra material and fold it so that it lies flat, wrapping it around your ankle.

3- Roll the hem up as much as you'd like. I would suggest 3 rolls minimum.

You're Welcome

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I Tumblrd.

S is my best friend.
S got herself a Tumblr.
S made Dee very jealous.
Dee got herself a Tumblr.
Dee is happy.

I tumblrd upon a land of cotton candy dreams.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This Is Fabulous

Sienna Miller, you are so glamorous that I don't know whether I should thank you, hate you, or be completely envious of you. So, I've decided to save my hatred for someone (or something) that actually deserves it (coughlegwarmerscough). And I'm keeping my envy for people who have the ability to Just Say No (to chocolate, that is). My thankfulness is aimed at you Sienna.
Thanks, S (I feel I can call you that now, because I don't hate you and all. Also, because I don't want to type out your full name again) for being nothing short of glamorous everywhere you go. I appreciate your efforts, and even though I don't always agree with your fashion choices, I still like that you always try to look good and not just different. Consider yourself my style icon (until someone better comes along, of course).

So glamorous.
I want to steal the coat and run.

If I saw this dress on a rack, I would never buy it. But looking at her, it looks so good.

I love how this outfit is so simple, yet so detailed with accessories.

Once again, simple but fab.

How adorable and neat is this outfit? *sigh*
Remind me to go shopping soon.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Hotel Lights Interview

Hotel Lights is an American Indie band that was founded in 2004 by former Ben Folds Five member Darren Jesse. The band, best known for their single “Follow Through”, has had their songs featured on hit TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Their song “Miles Behind Me” was also in the movie “Baby Mama”. I personally adore this band and probably know every single word to every single song, which could be why, a few weeks back, I reached out to the band for an interview. Luckily enough, Daren Jesse agreed to answer a few of my questions. So here goes:

1- What made you decide to start your own band after Ben Folds Five?
I wanted to make an album of the songs I was writing.

2- What would you say the biggest difference is between Ben Folds Five and Hotel Lights?
They are so different in many ways in style and sound. Hotel Lights uses layering and mood to get the desired effect and is quieter for the most part. Also, I play guitar and piano.

3- How did you come up with the name “Hotel Lights”?
I lived in hotel rooms for many years and then later I lived across from a hotel for a few years. I thought the name fit the sound of the music.

4- What are your 3 favorite songs from the album Firecracker People? (Personally I absolutely love Firecracker People, Blue Always Finds Me,and Down)
Thank you. Those are good ones. I like Dream State Flying, Amelia Bright, and Run Away Happy.

5- How did it feel having your songs played on such popular TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill? (I must say, Iwas more excited than I should have been when I found out)
It felt great, it was exciting for me to hear our song in surround sound at the movie theater.

6- How did the band come together (how did you meet the other members and decide they should join the band with you)?
My original drummer decided he no longer wanted to tour and left the band. I asked my friend and great drummer--Zeke Hutchins of Tift Merritt's band to join. Zeke recommended I ask bassist Jay Brown who also plays with him in Tift's band. We rehearsed the new songs for a few weeks and then went to make the album with long time collaborator/producer and guitarist Alan Weatherhead. After I moved to NYC I began working with keyboardist Mike Cruz of The Autumn Defense and Josh Rouse's band.

7- A question I asked a previous band was about their song process. What's it like with Hotel Lights?
Generally I will come up with a song idea and then work out the arrangement with the band. Then I will collaborate with my producer Alan Weatherhead to add the finishing touches to make it sound complete.

8- Have you always wanted to start your own band or was it something you decided to do after Ben Folds Five split? (I'm very happy you did it, where would I be without Hotel Lights?
It was something I started after. I was writing song ideas while I was playing with Ben Folds Five and some of my ideas made it into the band, like"magic" and "brick". once the band stopped touring it seemed like the right time for me to start Hotel Lights.

9- Your music always has an amazing overall feel, do you do that deliberately or do the songs just come together that perfectly? (I'm talking mood and atmosphere)
There's a certain mood to my voice and melodies that just comes naturally,but it is also deliberate by the way we record and the instruments we use and how we choose to build the arrangements.

Thank You Hotel Lights.

No More Midriffs (Please!)

Okay listen up y'all. I'm back and I've got a plan. A plan for what, you ask? Well, that's a good question. I've got a plan to stop celebrities (and Lady Gaga) from wearing midriff bearing outfits. We need to show them the light. It doesn't look good. Nobody wants to see your midriff all out and freaky due to the fact that only the top part of your abs show, making you look like you've been through some kind of Tarareidal (Tara Reid-al) surgery. But words, I've decided, are useless because celebrities (and Lady Gaga) don't read. They are read to. And when people are read to, the words tend to get.. edited along the way. For example "Don't get out of your car without pants on" would become "FABULOUS! THEY WANT MORE OF YOUR GREY'S ANATOMY IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING!".
Anyway, back to my plan.
Part 1 of plan: Hold picket signs and have a little revolt of our own in front of these celebrities' homes or workplaces (yeah GaGa, i'm coming for you at the strip club)
Part 2 of plan: Make fat lookalikes of each celebrity wear the exact same midriff-bearing outfit that each one of these celebrities is wearing, and make them see how atrocious it truly is.
Part 3 of plan: Buy celebrities (and Lady Gaga) mirrors. Long ones.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

30 Years Later...

...The Attack of the Frump.

Breaking News: A number of celebrities have been seem roaming the streets of America in peculiar outfits that many bystanders can only describe as "frumpy". Studies have concluded that something or somebody very dangerous is messing with these celebrities' heads and persuading them to leaving their homes dressed in outfits they would probably only wear 30 years in the future after checking out of rehab or a mental institute.

Granny isn't gonna be happy with this, Mandy. You know it's her sexy dress.

Ain't nothing right with that

Uma Thurman is auditioning for the role of Glenn Close in the "Damages" spin-off "Damaged: Patty's Wardrobe"

I hate this look so much I want to put it in the same room as broccoli and set them on fire.

Monday, 12 October 2009

VOiD808 Interview

A few weeks back I reached out to the up and coming band VOiD808 for an interview, and they agreed. So here, dear readers, is the interview:

So thanks for taking the time out do this interview, it really means alot! A few months back, I listened to one of your songs, Last Dance, on Youtube and automatically fell in love with it. I ended up listening to your entire album until I had every word memorized. While listening to the album, though, I had a lot of questions about the lyrics, process, and you guys in general, so I typed them up and voila!:

1- Why VOiD808? (and why is the 'i' not capitalized?)

The band used to be a 3 piece in it’s original incarnation, and went under the name VOiD. We added the “808” because we found that there were waaaay too many things that popped up in the results when one typed “void” using a search engine. The “808” has nothing to do with Hawaii’s area code as most think. It was simply the time the 1st note was struck at our 1st practice. And the lowercase “i” was at one point used to look like a single candle, and the dot was supposed to be the flame.

2- How did you originally get into music?

There comes a point when one recognizes the need for an outlet. And outlets can be many different things. For us music was, and still is, a way for us to express our feelings. Oscar and Brandon have been surrounded by music their entire lives, I(mike) was taught how to play guitar in my 7th grade art class by a guy that was an insane guitar player for being in 7th grade. Our art teacher loved hearing me and my friend play so much that he actually allowed us to play guitar in class and take our art projects at home. Jay works at a music store that sells used instruments and has also been surrounded by music his entire life.

3- How did you guys meet?

Oscar and Brandon were the two original band members in the original VOiD along with the previous bassist Ryan Griswald who left the band to pursue other dreams. When Ryan left, Oscar asked Jay and myself(mike) to jam with them one night… and the music progressed from that point forward to create VOiD808

4- What's your most memorable moment working together?

In February of 2008 we were given the opportunity to be flown out of our hometown in Orange County, California to Honolulu, Hawaii to share the stage with Atreyu at the Pipeline CafĂ©. This was the 1st time the band had ever played a flydate so we didn’t know what to expect. As musicians, although this may sound really lame, one of the greatest feelings was to walk around the airports to pick up our gear as we were watching all the people look at us thinking “ooh, who’s that band” as we load a bunch of big guitar flight cases into the trunk of a limo to go the hotel we were staying at.

5- What is the song process like with VOiD808?

Well, Oscar is the primary song writer for VOiD808. He usually presents the “skeleton” of the song to us at one of our practice nights and we all take various parts of the skeleton Oscar has presented and make it our own by adding our own bit of creativity to it. I(mike) have also contributed to this skeleton process on a few songs. Sometimes Oscar or I will come up with a cool riff and record ourselves playing it on the acoustic guitar and then send it to the other via video messaging on our cell phone. Oscar writes all the lyrics too. VOiD808 is incredibly blessed to work with such a talented musician and writer.

6- How does your latest album differ from your last?

This time around Oscar has focused on writing a lot more with his piano. We found that the piano adds much more diversity to our music when compared to our previous dual guitar style of writing. So on this next album, which is yet to be titled, you will hear a lot more pianos. But don’t worry… we’re not changing the energy of anything we do or anything that our fans of come to love.. Its still somewhat aggressive and melodic. We’re confident that most all of our fans will love the new material.

7- Do you find inspiration in other bands?

DEFINITELY. We cant even begin to tell you how many bands have inspired us…many of which have never been on the radio.

8- As a band, what would you say your main goal is? To inspire, or to entertain, to enlighten, to guide?

All of the above. Everyone in the band has had their share of emotional roller coaster rides and we know we’re not alone. It’s a wonderful feeling when we have people message us on myspace or send us emails that tell us little stories of how our music got them through a difficult time in their life.

9-I noticed that many of your songs star with the word "Tonight" is that deliberate or just a coincidence?
"Tonight" has mainly been used for symbolism - creating a feeling of something succumbing to a foreboding or ominous conclusion or verdict. There are certain songs where the word creates an imagery that depicts the vision i have during the song's conception.

10- Some of the lyrics to your song are truly inspiring, does a lot of work go into them or does it come naturally?
As the lyricist, I(Oscar) always tell people that some of my best work is written in minutes, as opposed to some of my other work that I’ve slaved days and weeks over. I have always considered the songs I write as a gift and recognize that sometimes, no matter how hard i try, i have to wait for the song to come to me.

11- I think anthem of our lives,

and city lights would make great singles, which ones are you guys considering?

Sometimes the songs that we personally favor are a little different from songs that our audience favors. In this case, i think we've received the most feedback that favors Anthem of Our Lives.

12- In the end, how would you like people to see your music?
Ultimately, I(Oscar) would like people to see our music as something that they can relate to in their own lives. As a songwriter, my intention is never to have a fixed and rigid presentation of the message behind our music, but rather to have something that people can find closeness to in their own way. I hope that our music can be seen as a positive force in people's lives and be regarded as possessing a positive element, rather than something that brings people down.

And to all our fans…. Thanks for your support. We appreciate every person who ever gave us a chance and its people like YOU who fuel our passion to make music

Thank You VOiD808.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kitten Heels: Back In?

Well, It seems the kitten heel is coming back. Don't use this against me in the future when I become totally in love with them because I saw Beyonce rocking them or something, but I totally hate them right now. They're just so unflattering! I mean, sure, they were perfect for me when I was 12 and dying to wear heels but too young to pull them off, but I highly doubt 12 year olds will be the only ones walking around in kitten heels. Damn you, Michelle Obama! It is your incapability of wearing anything but kitten heels that has brought them back on the runway!
Being the joyful optimist that I am, however, I went through a number of kitten heels online and decided on which ones were the least ugly so that you guys can be the first to rock this returning trend before anyone else does (I know, I know, I shouldn't have)

Take a look:

Cole Haan (this one is my favorite)

Enjoy, fellow fashionistas!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Darling, I Don't Think So.

Rihanna, I know that after a bad public breakup, you need to find a way to get back on your feet and throw it in the person's face that your fine, and that you're better off without him. Which is why your comeback was great. I mean it, every outfit you wore was chicer than the last. However, I think too much praise from the media about how you became a fashion icon for your edgy and fierce looks went to your head a little. Alas, your chic streak came to an end, and all of a sudden you were just trying too hard, and coming off as just a little desperate and a lot... revealing...

Here, we have the "I Want To Be Batman's Lover" look. Shortly after creating this costume outfit, Hoes R Us somehow found a way to convince Rihanna to model it for them.
P.S Use code HOEDOWNTHROWDOWN to get 15% off the outfit at www.prostitutionconstitution.com!

I see London. I see France. I can't even see Rihanna's underpants (or her bra, for that matter). I apologize, I'm old fashioned, it's just that I always believed that fashion involved actual clothing. It's my bad.

The dress looks a little tight (and short). But that's not what's bothering me, what's bothering me is that the black ducktape thing going on around the thigh area looks like it's choking her thighs. Fashion is pain, and pain is gain, but pain can also be ugly and leave stretchy marks, and ugly stretchy marks are not chic. Therefore Fashion is NOT pain.
Thanks for coming to my seminar, students.

Look, there's her bra! Isn't that a pleasant surprise?! You know, I've always thought Rihanna should show more of herself. She's always been too conservative, don't you think?
(The blazer is very very nice though. The fit is perfect)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Hold On ♫

Yesterday while listening to my iPod I realized how much I adore songs that are called Hold On. It's weird, I know. But who am I to let weirdness get in my way? I mean, I'm weird's best friend. Anyway, after my shocking realization (E! True Hollywood Story?) I made a playlist of Hold On songs, and now I think I'll share it with you:

Neko Case- Hold On, Hold On

That echo chorus lied to me with its "Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on"

Good Charlotte- Hold On

Hold on if you feel like letting go. Hold on, it gets better than you know

Jonas Brothers- Hold On

Cause an empty room can be so loud. There's too many tears to drown them out so hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Tyrone Wells- Hold On

Hold on. Hold on to me. When you hold me I believe that maybe love is all I need.

KT Tunstall- Hold On

Hold on to what you’ve been given lately. Hold on to what you know you’ve got

Ari Hest- Holding On

Holding on to you. Holding on for some decision to end this impatience. I won’t let go

Green Day- Hold On

You've got to hold on. Hold on to yourself

Take That- Hold On

I don't wanna see you crying. So hold on. So hold on to me

Download all these songs.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I Need...

... A Fur Vest
...and so do you.

The Website...

...That Took The Words Right Out Of My Post:


Lady Gaga, or should I say STEFANI GERMANOTTA. I know all about you. I know where you went to school, I know all about your drug problems. I know about your tendency to talk about your love for sex, everywhere you go. I know about how much you love the Muppets. I'm also fully aware that you think what you do is art. I know all these things because you talked about them all in interviews around the world (except for the need to mention sex thing, I figured that one out all on my own). What you failed to mention, however, is your admiration for Project Runway designer Chris March, the one who made his entire collection out of safety pins and human hair. I know what you're thinking: who told you?! But what you need to know, Stefani, is that I figured it out on my own (just like your sex addiction word vomit problem. I think maybe I'll take up detectiving from now on, I feel like I've got a gift.)
Lady GaGa. Stefani. Perez Hilton's Bitch. Whatever your name is, you need to know that this outfit is not okay. It's probably the reason that Chris March did not win Project Runway. It's also probably the reason why he doesn't have much friends, and has resorted to dressing drag queens.
So please, please, take it from me. If you really want to shock people and get a reaction out of them that could maybe make them question if the earth really is round, and if Heidi and Spencer really are the fame-whoring couple they seem to be, wear something normal. Something boring. Maybe even something pretty (Was that taking it too far? I'm sorry, I should have stuck with simple baby steps. Let's just focus on putting some pants on, and losing all the crazy and maybe toning down the Liza Minnelli from your outfits)

Anyway, thanks for your time.

Your friendly neighborhood spiderwoman. (but you can just think of me as a concerned citizen)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

No Is The Correct Answer...

...For The Question: Do you think all celebrities are always stylish?

It's time to take another look at the week's mishaps.

Too red, too shiny.
Too short, look there's her hiney!

Carrie, I gotta ask, if for some weird reason you had this strange compulsion to wear this dress, like when I have to buy a pair of shoes I've got my eye on, why the lace, fingerless gloves? And Carrie, why is the dress the color of toothpaste colored vomit? Oh, and Carrie, last question I swear, why did you style your hair like you just won the Miss America Pageant? Because if you were to win the Miss America Pageant, wouldn't you wear something more classy, less trashy? (Again, not judging the dress, I know what it's like when you have an uncontrollable desire to buy and wear)
Sorry about the long letter, Car :)
A curious and troubled human bean.

I don't know. I mean, it looks fine. But looking closer, it's not fine! It's... weird. It's like.. lace.. with stretch cotton.. and some sort of strange sweater material. And there's a very peculiar, almost trashy face attached to that body.
I'm just... lost. Like a puppy, but stylish.

"Aunt Demi, tell us again how, when you were short of dresses during the recession, you stole your ex-mother-in-law's curtains and had your latest hubby/boy-toy/Ashton Kutcher make it into a dress for you? I think it's just so inspirational. Women's Rights! Yay! *giggle*"

Friday, 25 September 2009


Okay, flashback time. Does anyone remember that episode of Project Runway with Diane Von Furstenberg? The one where she asked all the contestants to design an outfit for her upcoming line? Okay, good we're getting somewhere. Now, try to remember the dress Korto (the proud African) designed for the challenge. It was a black and white dress with a yellow slip underneath, and it was in the top 3. Unfortunately, the look didnot win, because Leanne's was awesome-r. But, I do remember reading about the episode on Jezebel and this is what she said about Korto's dress.

Korto's pop of yellow: Divine. The judges approved. Diane von Furstenberg was eyeing it like she wanted to add it to her collection, for real

And it seems she was right. I was just skimming through some photos of Celebrities' favorite items (Thank you People.com, for being the time-waster of the century) and I couldn't help but notice Jennifer Lopez's favorite item (aside from her glitter suits).

Recognize it? You should. It's DVF and it looks too similar to the dress Korto designed for her.

Um.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Leanne who won that competition. So why is Diane Von Furstenberg stealing Korto's dress? Changing it a little doesn't make it her own, does it? As one of DVF's biggest fans, I'm a little shocked right now.

The Beautiful Rings: TBR

Oh Ma Gawd. I was watching The Beautiful Life the other day, and I couldn't help but notice the GORGEOUS rings that Raina and British Chick (I didn't care to learn her name, not a fan.) were wearing at the Versace shoot.

I need those rings.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Post Secret Of The Week

I want her to be my best friend

Mischa Barton Lookin Good Bad.

Mischa Barton seems to be on a roller coaster ride of good and bad these days. Every look is a hit, but lurking between each hit, is a miss. Let's go from old to new:

Perfection, I believe.

Lindsay Lohan is that you wearing Samantha Ronson's hat? Wha.. No? But.. who else can it be?! Oh yeah that's right, the latest addition to I'm A Crackwhore Get Me Out Of Here. Well, I guess it's true what they say "You are what you eat (or snort)"

Gorgeous in Red. I love this look, it's so glam and she so doesn't look like she'd just been through.. a dental surgery :)

She looks like a madwoman here. The facial expression, those bangs, that black cutout paper thing she's wearing.

I fly like paper get high like planes

All I wanna do is *gun sounds*
And *more gun sounds*
And take your money :)

Wow, I think I found THE song!

So simple. So pretty. So elegant. And once again, so normal.

This reminds me of something, I just can't put my finger on it.. Oh thats right, she looks like one of Tim Burton's characters. But you know, if one of those characters were a celebrity who's mere existence sometimes made everyone really sad.

You all know who we need to thank for this, right?
Herve Leger, for making such flattering and gorgeous dresses.
And BCBG for bringing us Herve Leger.
And Max Azria for bringing us all of the above.

"Somebody ring the alarm! My Aunt Gertrude escaped the building!! She's wearing an unflattering black and white striped dress and it has these sleeves that she claims once made all the boys go wild. Oh and she's wearing Naturalizer shoes. She shouldn't be hard to miss, please look around!"

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dee's Emmy Coverage

As we all know, the Emmy's Red Carpet is usually home to the best dresses and the biggest fashion disasters. Lets go over the 2009 fashions and fashouts (you see what I did there?)

The Hot:

Leighton Meester in Bottega Veneta

January Jones in Atelier Versace

Chloe Sevigny in Izaac Mizrahi

The Extremely Far From Hot:

Sweetheart, I'm pretty sure the Hookers Have Class Convention is that way. Just turn around- No wait. No. I don't want to face what the back of that dress might look like. Okay, new plan: Walk backwards to the gate. Then, when you get there, turn around really quickly and run. Thanks, Hon.

I shudder. Why would Christina Applegate wear something that looks like it was stolen from Punjabi By Nature? Maybe it's to piss of the producers or whatever, because the show was canceled.

That 70's Show premiere? No. J-Lo Wannabe's Anonymous? No. The Red Carpet? Unfortunately.

Blake Lively, didn't your mother teach you to leave a little mystery? I mean, we can see your boobs. We can see your thighs. We can almost see your belly button. And we can see your back.
What's left?