Saturday, 17 October 2009

30 Years Later...

...The Attack of the Frump.

Breaking News: A number of celebrities have been seem roaming the streets of America in peculiar outfits that many bystanders can only describe as "frumpy". Studies have concluded that something or somebody very dangerous is messing with these celebrities' heads and persuading them to leaving their homes dressed in outfits they would probably only wear 30 years in the future after checking out of rehab or a mental institute.

Granny isn't gonna be happy with this, Mandy. You know it's her sexy dress.

Ain't nothing right with that

Uma Thurman is auditioning for the role of Glenn Close in the "Damages" spin-off "Damaged: Patty's Wardrobe"

I hate this look so much I want to put it in the same room as broccoli and set them on fire.

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