Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Darling, I Don't Think So.

Rihanna, I know that after a bad public breakup, you need to find a way to get back on your feet and throw it in the person's face that your fine, and that you're better off without him. Which is why your comeback was great. I mean it, every outfit you wore was chicer than the last. However, I think too much praise from the media about how you became a fashion icon for your edgy and fierce looks went to your head a little. Alas, your chic streak came to an end, and all of a sudden you were just trying too hard, and coming off as just a little desperate and a lot... revealing...

Here, we have the "I Want To Be Batman's Lover" look. Shortly after creating this costume outfit, Hoes R Us somehow found a way to convince Rihanna to model it for them.
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I see London. I see France. I can't even see Rihanna's underpants (or her bra, for that matter). I apologize, I'm old fashioned, it's just that I always believed that fashion involved actual clothing. It's my bad.

The dress looks a little tight (and short). But that's not what's bothering me, what's bothering me is that the black ducktape thing going on around the thigh area looks like it's choking her thighs. Fashion is pain, and pain is gain, but pain can also be ugly and leave stretchy marks, and ugly stretchy marks are not chic. Therefore Fashion is NOT pain.
Thanks for coming to my seminar, students.

Look, there's her bra! Isn't that a pleasant surprise?! You know, I've always thought Rihanna should show more of herself. She's always been too conservative, don't you think?
(The blazer is very very nice though. The fit is perfect)

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