Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kitten Heels: Back In?

Well, It seems the kitten heel is coming back. Don't use this against me in the future when I become totally in love with them because I saw Beyonce rocking them or something, but I totally hate them right now. They're just so unflattering! I mean, sure, they were perfect for me when I was 12 and dying to wear heels but too young to pull them off, but I highly doubt 12 year olds will be the only ones walking around in kitten heels. Damn you, Michelle Obama! It is your incapability of wearing anything but kitten heels that has brought them back on the runway!
Being the joyful optimist that I am, however, I went through a number of kitten heels online and decided on which ones were the least ugly so that you guys can be the first to rock this returning trend before anyone else does (I know, I know, I shouldn't have)

Take a look:

Cole Haan (this one is my favorite)

Enjoy, fellow fashionistas!

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