Friday, 25 September 2009


Okay, flashback time. Does anyone remember that episode of Project Runway with Diane Von Furstenberg? The one where she asked all the contestants to design an outfit for her upcoming line? Okay, good we're getting somewhere. Now, try to remember the dress Korto (the proud African) designed for the challenge. It was a black and white dress with a yellow slip underneath, and it was in the top 3. Unfortunately, the look didnot win, because Leanne's was awesome-r. But, I do remember reading about the episode on Jezebel and this is what she said about Korto's dress.

Korto's pop of yellow: Divine. The judges approved. Diane von Furstenberg was eyeing it like she wanted to add it to her collection, for real

And it seems she was right. I was just skimming through some photos of Celebrities' favorite items (Thank you, for being the time-waster of the century) and I couldn't help but notice Jennifer Lopez's favorite item (aside from her glitter suits).

Recognize it? You should. It's DVF and it looks too similar to the dress Korto designed for her.

Um.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Leanne who won that competition. So why is Diane Von Furstenberg stealing Korto's dress? Changing it a little doesn't make it her own, does it? As one of DVF's biggest fans, I'm a little shocked right now.

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