Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tale of Two Days

Wow. So instead of going over the fashion disasters of this week (because that would take too long), I am instead going over the fashion disasters of the past TWO DAYS. Ballsy, huh?

Looking at this, I am speechless. How dare she steal her Nana's quilt and make it into a dress! And who gave her the permission to kill Salem the Black Cat and use his skin as a trim!? Where is the shame?!

Miley, sweetheart... No :)
a) Only
Beyonce can pull this look off, and even for her it took me alot of self-convincing to decide that it's okay. (oh, and she's 30-something and not a Disney star)
b) You look like a hooker. Fishnet stockings? Really?
c) Tell your mommy I said hi, and that I think she should give Dina Lohan a call. She'll know what I mean :)

Lauren: "Audrina, comeon, when life gives you lemons, you wear them to a Nanette Lepore fashion show. It's the lesson of life"
Audrina: "Oh.. I thought you were supposed to throw them back and scream I WANT CHOCOLATE"
Lauren: "Um.. no, thats oranges."

No, it's not the Corpse Bride. It's not Minnie Mouse on crack either, before you ask. It's the bride of Chucky.
Oh crap, no wait, I was just informed that it's Lady Gaga. Damn, how could I have missed that one.

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