Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mischa Barton Lookin Good Bad.

Mischa Barton seems to be on a roller coaster ride of good and bad these days. Every look is a hit, but lurking between each hit, is a miss. Let's go from old to new:

Perfection, I believe.

Lindsay Lohan is that you wearing Samantha Ronson's hat? Wha.. No? But.. who else can it be?! Oh yeah that's right, the latest addition to I'm A Crackwhore Get Me Out Of Here. Well, I guess it's true what they say "You are what you eat (or snort)"

Gorgeous in Red. I love this look, it's so glam and she so doesn't look like she'd just been through.. a dental surgery :)

She looks like a madwoman here. The facial expression, those bangs, that black cutout paper thing she's wearing.

I fly like paper get high like planes

All I wanna do is *gun sounds*
And *more gun sounds*
And take your money :)

Wow, I think I found THE song!

So simple. So pretty. So elegant. And once again, so normal.

This reminds me of something, I just can't put my finger on it.. Oh thats right, she looks like one of Tim Burton's characters. But you know, if one of those characters were a celebrity who's mere existence sometimes made everyone really sad.

You all know who we need to thank for this, right?
Herve Leger, for making such flattering and gorgeous dresses.
And BCBG for bringing us Herve Leger.
And Max Azria for bringing us all of the above.

"Somebody ring the alarm! My Aunt Gertrude escaped the building!! She's wearing an unflattering black and white striped dress and it has these sleeves that she claims once made all the boys go wild. Oh and she's wearing Naturalizer shoes. She shouldn't be hard to miss, please look around!"

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